Almost always on the move, discovering foreign people, cultures and countries, reporting about them and capturing their experiences in pictures. LimesMedia is the brand for it, the photographer and author behind the pictures and books.

Equipped with a camera, lots of ideas and no expectations, I travel around the world to visit the world heritage of mankind. I meet and report on a wide variety of people and cultures. Follow me on my travels, whether through my pictures or entertaining “anecdotes on the road”.

Over 2,000 photos published by UNESCO.

I support and promote the aim of UNESCO to preserve the unique and sensational achievements of human culture and nature in order to preserve them for future generations. You will also find my pictures non-commercially in school books, educational material or for example in UNESCO books and other illustrated books.

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Accessibility of UNESCO World Heritage Sites

This map is still under development and should finally show all UNESCO World Heritage Sites (red symbols),
as well as the nearest airports (green symbols) from which you can reach the World Heritage sites.

On the UNESCO site there is an interactive map of World Heritage, but there are no borders and cities marked, as there is currently a discussion within UNITED NATIONS about which states are recognized by all nations and which are not. In order not to stir up any conflict among the member states there, the UN remains neutral and does not mark borders, which makes travel planning using the world map somewhat more difficult in this case.


Travel Weather by LimesMedia

The weather at the time of the trip is of elementary importance for a successful journey.

Of course you can’t influence the weather, but it helps to plan your trip, especially in distant countries, if you get an idea of the temperatures at your destination historically. For this reason, we have created a climate table, which is constantly maintained and expanded, which takes the climate component into account in travel planning. Thus, for example, if the travel period is already specified, one can sort the table according to the average temperature of the respective month.


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